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PPE Products we handle/ we have partnered up with several manufactures and wholesale suppliers

  1. Gloves Nitrile
  2. Gloves vinyl
  3. Clorox wipes
  4. Lysol wipes
  5. Clorox spray crisp linen
  6. Clorox 4-1 spray for air freshener and disinfectant
  7. Forehead touchless thermometers
  8. Level2, 3, 4 gowns
  9. Pulse oximeter
  10. Hand sanitizer by 1liter, 5gallon, barrel, individuals
  11. Lysol wipes pack of 80
  12. Face shields
  13. Purell canister and refills
  14. Super glue -all items, tapes, individual glues, instant glues, total tech, caulking and glue
  15. KN95 masks over the head elastic
  16. KN95 ear loop
  17. N95 niosh masks
  18. 3-Ply surgical level-2 masks
  19. And any other items you might need

At this time, we will ONLY accept appointments.

Effective immediately, we will be observing all CDC regulations, guidelines, and standard precautions to promote the safety and well-being of our staff and clients.

We appreciate your cooperation and your trust in us during these trying times, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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